Donate to ChildWatch Phuket

Hello WPP Streamers. So I've quickly hacked a little payment gateway solution (using an existing Stripe account I have) so that we can all use credit cards to gather the resources needed for our proposed 1800USD Stream Scholarship 2017 donation for the folks at Child Watch Phuket. Use the green donation button above to complete your donation.

After we reach our proposed target, I will contact them first, and then transmit the funds via an ACH bank transfer from Singapore (to the same bank account featured on their website right now). I will proceed to request confirmation of receipt, so I can post it in this thread too. I will go ahead and request that the funds are used in their education program, and will also share screenshots of those conversations here too.

If you would prefer to donate to them directly, you can find the information to do that at: 

Thank you so much for your interest in this idea!

First update (March 19th): We've already received around 1650USD via the transfer link, and we are now tallying the petty cash donations received.

2016 Scholarship drive at Child Watch Phuket

2016 Scholarship drive at Child Watch Phuket

Second update (March 20th): all credit card transfers/donations coming in so far are scheduled to be available for final transferring by March 31st, according to the payment gateway infrastructure provider (Stripe).

Third update (March 20th): WE'VE MADE IT, FOLKS! Our initial goal has been achieved this morning, through a lovely contribution from Christine. Keep them coming until March 31st, though!

Fourth update (March 22nd): We're now past the 2500USD mark, with a total of 15 successful online donations, 115USD from the Club Med donation box, plus the direct handout from Rob/Yossi.

Fifth update (April 3rd): Money has arrived, now establishing comms with the NGO for final transfer.