to facilitate networked collaboration and innovation between businesses and creators anywhere in the world.

Our CURRENT focus questionS:

"How low can external transaction costs get?"
"Can business services be fully automated?"
"What will the 22nd global corporation look like?"

Network Values:

learn as you go


What are we?
Put it simply, Mecenato is an international network of passionate people who set out together with the vision to radically improve the way creative services are commissioned, produced and delivered. Mecenato is born out of a new market necessity and a desire to create more value with less friction and less waste.

Relationship and ideas
What are the two things that cannot be either automated or outsourced in an innovation and creative services provider? The personal relationship and the creative vision for the brief or challenge. That's it. We're particularly interested in developing the most advanced collaboration platform the creative industry has seen.

No retainers, just projects
Mobility is our motto. Brains and laptops. And even though the short term financial rewards for accepting hefty retainers would no doubt be great, it would lock us and slow us down. Retainers make systems lazy and inefficient. We are in favor of projects with a clear beginning and a clear sign-off. We hope that by the end of it, you'll want to have another go with us.

Nowhere, everywhere.
Having no offices means no secretaries, no absurd leases, no expensive utility bills. At Mecenato everyone is encouraged to wear many hats. All of that means we have a bit more freedom to take on only work we feel passionate about. And that attitude eventually translates into more bang for your buck.

Open sharing is open caring
We ask our clients to allow us to share the research and insights we gather during our projects as freely as possible. That allow us to give back a bit to the creative community that has served us with so much knowledge that helped us to solve the client's business problems in the first place. It's usually great PR for the brands too.

So, where next?
We aim to keep growing our presence in Southeast Asia, and keep investing in developing custom productivity tools to be used by ourselves and our clients. We'd like to have a stable roster of clients and agencies to collaborate with. At the same time, we aim to invest in causes we hold dear, by donating 1% of our revenue directly to people in need.


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