Simple home page design and branding for SoMEDA

Simple home page design and branding for SoMEDA

This week, the Mecenato team helped pushed live a new collaborative initiative in the Middle East: the web presence of the Society of Middle Eastern Digital Agencies (SoMEDA).

SoMEDA started out as a simple Facebook group and a way for collaborators of interactive agencies in the Middle East to share knowledge, collaborate on industry-wide initiatives, and generally meet each other and speak freely. It was born under our faith that there's definitely room for every agency out there to learn, grow and expand, without the cut-throat environment that is usual between competitor agencies.

Our plan is to make this initiative grow, with agencies pitching in to help this site be a repository of template documents, Middle Eastern digital data, jobs board and more, all under a Creative Commons license.

Visit SoMEDA and participate in the forum.

If you are an interactive agency in the Middle East and would like to help on this project, please get in touch with us.