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Book Review: Cloud Surfing

Book Review: Cloud Surfing

The solution is in the cloud

Sometimes we come across readings that are worth mentioning, for one reason or another. Our topics are usually around the intersection of technology, human behavior and business. In our first post of this sort, we will mention Thomas Koulopoulos' Cloud Surfing. Thomas has been involved in the tech world for a while, and his take on the benefits of the cloud are numerous.

While we at Mecenato are obvious pushers of the concept of decentralization, organized remote work and the usage of collaboration tools in the cloud, we have been slightly more aware recently of the far-reaching consequences of a life of data in the cloud. For those, Thomas ever optimistic and solutionist tone might be much.

Even so, this book is a good read for those in business, especially IT managers and C-level marketers with an intent of better understanding this deluge of information regarding "the cloud". The definition of private and public clouds is also helpful for the fearful among us.

For counter balancing purposes, we recommend everyone Evgeny Mozorov's "To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism" as your follow-up read.